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Product introduction

Amusement Rides Blue Planet Rides

Blue planet amusement park rides is designed with an abstract smooth curve, like an alien living body. The cockpit is ergonomically designed to increase humanity and comfort: the turbine fans on both sides, the electromagnetic gun, and the ion pusher give the essence of the battleship. The standard laser gun adds an interactive atmosphere to the passengers, and the self-controlled lift and rotation simulates its true sensitivity; the armored regiment that shoots, hides, and signs, surrounded by magical alien flowers, and the flowers hold up the beautiful Princess Mida.

The rotating part of the outdoor amusement park machine adopts engineering-specific slewing bearing to increase the overall strength and service life of the equipment; the shell shape is made by segmented sealing method to facilitate splicing and moving, and at the same time increase the overall sense of the equipment.

Scope of application


1. The working principle of hydraulic (pneumatic) pressure-driven rotation: After the blue planet amusement equipment is started, the driving system composed of hydraulic pressure, low-voltage motor and slewing bearing pushes the aircraft to rotate around the fuselage, and the hydraulic (pneumatic) pressure drives the start. Stable, low noise, good comfort.

2. The working principle of the electric control system: the three-phase five-wire power supply enters the electric control box through the main switch with leakage protection device. When working, you should first close the leakage circuit breaker in the control box, and then turn on the power switch on the panel of the control box, the control circuit gets power, the control power indicator lights up, the air compressor or hydraulic pump knob, and the air pressure or hydraulic system gets power. Running; After turning on the test switch, press the preparatory bell, and then press the start button, the circuit enters the timing operation state, the rotating motor is powered, and the self-controlled aircraft starts to rotate. Passengers can control the aircraft to move up and down through the buttons in the cockpit.

The device starts smoothly, comfortably and safely. And a breakthrough in shape design.

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Product parameters

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power Supply

3N+PE 380V 50Hz

Material Strengthen Fiber Glass+Q235B Steel

Installed Power



Steel Professional Antirust Paint



FRP Automotive Paint

Run Speed

Lights LED Colorful Digital Light

Running Height

Packing Material Bubble wrap+Non-woven fabric


16 p

Operating environment Indoor & Outdoor

Cover Area

Diameter 11m

Installation Provide Files and Videos

Note: technical parameters are subject to change without notice

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