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Product introduction

Amusement Park Rides Flying Tower Manufacturer Sky Tower Ride

Flying tower is a large high-altitude stimulation of amusement equipment.It has such features as high technology, magnificent structure, simple and elegant decoration, and superior play effect. The greatest economic benefit can be achieved with minimal operating costs. The seat is hung on the turntable by a ring chain, which will rotate and up-and-down while the turntable rotating. The passengers can feel the endless pleasure of rotating centrifugal force and thrilling running height.

Scope of application

  • All People
  • Amusement Park


Flying Tower is a large amusement rides. It combines rotating flying chair with jumping off machine. Safe and reliable, circular round coiled column in rotating rise or rotate falling movement of the seat frame or the market at the same time frame seat rotation around the center of a circular disk itself, climb passengers sit flying chair rotation above 30meters, and began to rapid rotation, bring tourists the most exciting experience, bring infinite scream and shout to amusement park.

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Product parameters

Technical Specification

Power Supply 3N+PE 380V 50Hz
Installed Power 92kw
Height 30m
Run Speed 0.6m/s
Run Height 18m
Capacity 36p
Cover Area Φ22.3m

Note: technical parameters are subject to change without notice

Product Atlas

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