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Product introduction

Swing Adult Game Amusement Park Ride Pirate Ship Ride

A pirate ship is a type of amusement ride based on pirate ships, consisting of an open, seated gondola (usually in the style of a pirate ship) which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum. A variant where the riders must pull on ropes to swing the ride is known as a swing boat.

Pirate ship is a kind of swing amusement equipment, common in the mall, park, amusement park, fairground, etc. Its shape resembles a pirate ship sailing on the sea, hence the name. When running, through the uninterrupted swing to expand the swing angle, giving people a sense of rotate, let people forget to go home. A simple model of operation, exciting experience, are the reason why people like it.

Scope of application

  • All People
  • Amusement Park


Pirate ship amusement has two systems:
1.Mechanical System
2.Electrical System

Mechanical System:
A three-phased AC source uses reducers to run caster for the to-and-fro motion of the pirate ship ride.When
the big caster body and boat-body come in direct contact,the spinning caster wheel rubs the bottom of the
This makes the ship swing higher in a short time lapse.The boat arrives at its top height and then
moves back due to the action of gravitational force.
When the ship-body comes in direct contact with the caster wheel for the second time,the caster’s movement
is reversed,which makes the ship-body move in the opposite direction.The ship arrives at the highest point
and moves towards the ground due to gravity acting on the ship.

Electrical System:
This system consists of:
An electric control system.
Spinning electrical machine
Aconducting ring
An LED circuit for decorations
When the pirate ship amusement rides (viking ship rides) is running, the tire of the power output device first contacts the hull, so that the hull swings to one side at a certain angle after disengagement,so that the hull moves freely to the other side, when the position sensor detects the hull swing, the tire of the power output device is lifted up again to contact the hull, and the hull is increased after the swing amplitude is disengaged,so after several repetitions, when the position sensor detects that the pirate ship reaches the maximum oscillation amplitude, the power output device is closed and no longer touches the hull.

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Product parameters

Technical Specification

Power Supply 3N+PE 380V 50Hz Material Strengthen Fiber Glass+Q235B Steel
Installed Power 11kw Painting Steel Professional Antirust Paint
Height 7.5m FRP Automotive Paint
Run Speed 0.7~11m/s Lights LED Colorful Digital Light
Run Height 8m Packing Material Bubble wrap+Non-woven fabric
Capacity 24p/38p Operating environment Indoor & Outdoor
Cover Area 14m*8m Installation Provide Files and Videos

Note: technical parameters are subject to change without notice

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