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Product introduction

Amusement Park Rides Flying UFO Manufacturer Flying UFO

Flying UFO rides is also called Flying Disk Rides , Tiki Twirl amusement Rides. It is an exciting and fun amusement equipment among amusement equipment. The Flying Disk is a larger version of a Rockin’ Tug. A Disk’O Coaster or a Skater Coaster both feature a small hill in the middle of the halfpipe. Regardless of the model, the ride experience is very similar.The latter is more thrilling than previous one.

As a large outside amusement ride, Flying UFO Flying Disk ride need a certain large outside place to set up. Place with the large and stable people flow will be the best choice. The large place can make the Flying Disk ride have the enough space to set up and the large people flow can attract more passengers to play and bring more profits. Here Shenlong Amusement Company as a professional amusement rides manufacturer can help you design and make the project on buying Flying UFO for sale and choosing the right site.

Scope of application

  • All People
  • Amusement Park


Flying UFO Rides is a large turntable, which rotates and slides back and forth along the crescent-shaped track. Passengers sit on the edge of the turntable with their backs to the center of the turntable. This process is like The sky is generally exciting to fly at high speed. Flying UFO is composed of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems.

Rocking and rolling onto a midway near you ,the Flying Disk from shenlong manufacturer combines a breathtaking dual rocking/spinning motion with a new seating style.

The flying UFO rides seat is unlike anything in the industry, as it positions riders on a motorcycle-like pedestal seat facing outward.This new style seat will maximize the visual impact for the 24 rides as they experience the rush of Flying Disk.

Flying Disk is the ideal addition to any park or carnival’s thrill ride roster.

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Product parameters

Technical Specification

Power Supply 3N+PE 380V 50Hz
Installed Power 45kw
Height 7.3m
Run Speed Max 11.3m/s
Run Height 8m
Capacity 24p
Cover Area 10m*30m

Note: technical parameters are subject to change without notice

Product Atlas

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    • 24pUFO--(2)
    • 24pUFO--(3)
    • 24pUFO--(6)
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